Saturday, April 07, 2007

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Sunday, March 04, 2007


I'd like to write about NYSUM right now, but there is so much to tell. So I don't think that I'm going to write about it today!

Anyways, this week has been a marvelous example of God's grace in my life! No, the week wasn't that fruitful, but The Lord sees an end result that is worth tellin' about! Okay, to be perfectly blunt... I was a crank this week. People were wondering what was going on. Cause if Peter McCarthy didn't have joy... what hope was left for them??? :-D.
I realized that I have that kind of impact, and that really challenged me! This week though has been a week where I could see my self slipping in all areas of life, living in depression and bitterness. IT STUNK! Yet, there was a subtle yet mighty voice speaking to me. Saying "this is not what I have in store for you!" That in itself kept me alive. I felt like giving in and giving up to this world. ... Lemme just say, that by giving up I would totally be renouncing my call in life. I knew somewhere in the back of my head that The Lord would hear my cry, and rescue me. AND HE DID! Last night I cried out to God with all that was within me, and this morning he answered!

You don't have to read far in the Bible to see how God loves his people, and how he is mighty on their behalf all along!

My Challenge To You: Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven, deny yourself for the sake of someone else this week. And when you do it, do it as unto The Lord.

For he does say, " Whatever you have done to the least of these, you have done unto Me!"
That's my call and challenge this week!

I love The Lord, He has Heard my Cry...


Saturday, February 03, 2007

Well this unfortunately has nothing to do with friendship. Unless you thought deeply, and applied it to your life, and realized that you are a hick! Or just a normal human being. Not sure.


as I praying today I thought deeply on the subject of strongholds. And how certain things take root, that you don't even realize took manifestation!
So Yesterday as I took some time to really intercede, I started to realize unconfessed sin in my life, and how things that I did when I was like ten affect me now!

Like lying. I lied when I was younger... deliberately, and I started to realize that I don't really lie in this present day. But there was something sorta pinching that spot in my life yesterday. I realized that my sin is always down played in my mind, and that I had let some of that take root at a young age. So I took time yesterday and today and confessed that sin.

It was hard, it really was. Somewhat because I have illness right now, so I'm overly intense. But also its hard to admit to past things in my life that had a hold on my life.

The Lord's message for me however was repentance, and in the end run... freedom!!!

This is something that I understand greatly, yet when it took place in my own life, I was a as blind as a mouse in Alaska....?????? Yeah!!!!

Crazy stuff, I have to ask myself. Is that pride that hides that from me. Is it vain conceit? Is it that I'm stupid? Whatever it is, the Lord has given me something called conviction, so when something is lingering around I know it! And I have a strong urge to purge the urge. That's poetic.....

Anyways, I really think that God is showing me significant things about generational blessing and curses, and he wants to use me as a bearer of light to bring righteousness to situations!!!!!!

I love it when God sheds light on something... so that you can be closer to him. He loves us that much!


Friday, December 29, 2006

Well, this has been an interesting time of transition! ... Enough said!

Ok, I do have more to say. Whats new. Christmas was incredible... always is.
It so happens however, that I celebrate this miraculous event year round!

Here's some amazing things going on in my life!

-I'm going to get my permit... yay!...sorta.

-The Lord keeps revealing the path that he has for me. I for sure serve an unfailing GOD!!! What a lovely thing!!!

My God that is great in Power, that is always merciful. What a Righteous God I serve!

My sisters are going to China in January. And I'm really excited for them. However, the day before they leave, Kelly is having her 15 birthday party, and its gonna be a big one. Kinda like batmitsfa ( or whatever ) -ish.

My family is amazing. Every day, I grow in knowledge and depth of insight of how awesome my family is. The Lord is faithful??? Amen?!!!

Ha, I dont know how to describe this love that I've found... it seems to abound. Every where I look it goes up and not down. This is a love greater than any other.
This is a love from the ultimate lover.
This is a love that is greater than all... and no this love is not so small.
This love abounds to my heart day and night. This love is the love of power and might. Who might give such a love unsurpassing? His name is JESUS With love everlasting!!!

Well... my life song is singing...



Saturday, December 09, 2006

Well, I don't have much time, but I figured I write a little something on perseverance
since that seems to be something that The Lord has been working through me.

Perseverance has to do a lot with love. Because of The Lords love for me, I am able to persevere. The more I realize his love for me the more I attempt to persevere. And the longer I hold on to his love the longer I persevere. Which in turn brings a hevanely blessing!

Wow, there is so much that I just want to be able to pour out. Or talk about the wonders of Heaven. Let me just say, that God is looking for vessels to pour pieces of Heaven into. We are the conduits of Christ, and looks to use us as testaments to who he is!

I was talking Gabe Laramay lastnight,and we jumped right into the meat of what God has laid on our hearts. And that just happens to be "Living in a Kingdom minded way".
There is so much mystery to The Kingdom of Heaven and the power that God looks to give us here on earth. It was nice to talk with Gabe, because he is a man after Gods own heart. A man looking day and night for the depths of God's heart, and talking with him really helped me get a hold of the vision of God team!
We are a team. A team for a Mighty Savior that desires to eternally bless us. However, we seem to not want the blessing as much as God wants it for us!
Thats why we persevere! Right, God has this supreme vision, that happens to slowly pour into the minds of men, as we seek his face. He desires for us to desire his ways, his blessings his heart! He desires to give us life. And that is something that we cannot deny or be ashamed of.

I love this thing called love, and his call for me to persevere, so that I can understand it in a supernatural... and yet so practical way!!

The Kingdom of Heaven WILL Prevail!!!


Friday, December 01, 2006

Hey Ho.

I haven't posted on this thing in a while. But I do like blogspot a lot. Anyways.
Today was CFA. And it was simply angelic. I love all my teachers... I love all of my fellow students, and I love the atmosphere.

There's a new song arise'n in the hearts of his children
A new song arise'n in the hearts of his own.

Today when I got home... I went upstairs and started cleaning the bathroom.
Before I started I turned on some worship music. Well within a few minutes I was dancing, and the bathroom wasn't really getting clean. It did eventually get clean. Because the Lord was pouring revelation in to my spirit. And part of that revelation, was how to be diligent.

I had an awesome vision of Heaven which I cannot wait to share with some people. But I also was totally lost in the love of God... which basically means I found him.

I'm lost and found at the same time. I am an alien to this world. Hallelujah!!!

I will call upon The Lord. (echo)
Who is worthy to be praised. (echo)


I'm off to get congregatin with my fam.


Monday, September 18, 2006

Unconditional love is the best thing ever on the face of the earth!